Lydia Karagiannaki & Bert Villa

Fictional archaeologies of interpreted evidence. De Koer is the site for our archaeological excavation. Over the period of our residency, we will document its history. We will look for evidence, find its interpretation. Who lived and worked there? Twenty years ago? And twenty years in the future? Are they still around? Do they remember? What did they leave behind?

Digging through the layers of the building’s substance, the team of archaeologists collect and document.

They make up stories, of the past, present and future. True facts merge with fiction. Real findings mix with interventions.

Ours and the other residents’ presence, it is already an intervention. It changes history, it creates archaeology. We leave traces, we alter the future. The archaeological excavation is a laboratory of fictions.

Beelden: Pommelien Koolen, Bert Villa, Lydia Karagiannaki