Adriana La Selva

Sacer is a performative street parade that builds upon singing strategies to suggest the notion of marginality as a positive bonding element in micro communities. In early Roman religion, Sacer denoted anything “set apart” from common society.  What is that which makes us feel on the borders of what society expect from us? What is to be at the margin together? And, shouldn’t we be celebrating this position?

In this performance, song will be the performative organizing principle for an itinerant behaviour, populated by affects and visual landscapes produced by means of voice exchange during the creative process. Throughout the process the song becomes a mode of acting. The vocally produced vibrations are the primary sensing of the group constellation, through which each individual body unfolds towards a common skin.

The first goal of this creative process is to develop singing practices/singing strategies to support this frame. Then, we will try to discover how the score of a song relates to a map/trajectory/architectural set up.

The initial idea is to create a structure of events that will begin at De Koer, take over every corner of the space with installations, performative scenes, dance, etc. Then we will develop a parkour around Brugse Poort which will finish with a celebration settlement at the Pierkespark.

Starting in March, I will be organizing singing sessions at De Koer where everybody is welcome! You don’t need to have any special skills, no singing experience is required. These meetings aim for a warm exchange one that move us, a collaborative process where to feel joy and safety.

For more information about the meetings, please contact me on