24 juli 2021

the CoLLeCTIV Cypher Television worksession 1

Welcome to the second edition of “CCTV, a.k.a. the CoLLeCTIV Cypher Television”!

Are you, or do you know a rapper that would love to participate in writing and working sessions in no matter what language? Are you down for a live cypher on September 19 at de Koer Ghent? Then be sure to sign up by sending us an email with your 16 best barz! Invite a friend if you know someone! We hope to see you there at de Koer.

More information? E-mail fabrecollectivmanagement@gmail.com

Dates :
*24.07, 16:00, worksession #1
*04.09, 16:00, worksession #2
*18.09, 16:00, worksession #3
*19.09: Live cypher during Zondag Acht Dagen