02 februari 2018

Spinifex ‘Amphibian Ardour’

20:30   “What’s exciting—and impressive—about Spinifex’s music is the way the group manages to absorb and synthesize a variety of influences (jazz, punk, metal, Indian, etc.) and then produce something greater than a simple grab-bag of styles. A parallel feat, they’re also able to foreground technical mastery via incredibly tight, complex structures and at the same time leave room for freer play and discovery. If you haven’t heard Spinifex yet, now is the perfect time to dive in.” Eric McDowell, Free Jazz Collective

Tobias Klein altsaxofoon
John Dikeman tenorsaxofoon
Bart Maris trompet
Jasper Stadhouders gitaar
Gonçalo Almeida basgitaar
Philipp Moser slagwerk

Inkom: 4 euro  / UiTPAS kansentarief 0,80 euro