28 oktober 2022 – 29 oktober 2022

NOON – try out performance

vrijdag 28 oktober, 20:00
zaterdag 29 oktober, 20:00

What if you would fall in love with a piece of polypropylene?

In the context of their research around immersivity, NOON collective invites you to a try out where spaces, materials and relations get intertwined.
How could we imagine other ways to be together? What would it taste like?

Moving through de Koer, NOON invites you to open up your senses and encounter different spaces, beings, and matters.

NOON is a multidisciplinary collective who has created a series of performative installations originating from questions around other ways of being together. The collective is interested in events of entanglement between human and non-human actors, in a morfing of bodies, in creating or rather discovering, some kind of symbiosis.

For this year NOON has been working to deepen their understanding of how to create a soft immersive space. In previous works they have always worked in formats where the audience is scattered around in space, able to move around freely.

The research brought them to develop this playing together further and create new methods to invite the audience to compose together. The try out at de Koer will be the last one before a new creation in 2023.

Van/met: Janka De Waele, Iris Donders, Judith Dhondt, Delphine Mertens en Jietske Vermoortele.
Grafisch ontwerp: Joram De Cocker.
Met dank aan de Koer, Radical House, KAAP, La Caldera en het Entrepot.
Met ondersteuning van Stad Gent.


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