03 december 2016

Myrddin & AERIE Muziek

19:00 Deuren open

Myrddin De Cauter

“While listening to Myrddin I hear much more than only guitar. I get sucked in, enticed on his quest, as he wants me to participate. Just like in theatre, the curtain is drawn to the side, the lights go on, silence sets in and you feel like everything is possible. Wonderful, unexplainable things are about to happen.” (Wannes Van de Velde)21:30 Aerie

AERIE is a quintet lead by German/Swiss saxophonist Ingo Hipp. Although the instrumentation is that of a typical jazz quintet – saxophones, guitar, bass and drums – the group strive to avoid the clichés of modern jazz, always searching for a fresh take on forms and structures as well as instrumental functionality. AERIE creates exciting modern jazz, connecting written material and improvisation with rock and jazz grooves. Structures are expanded and melt down, to be put together again in a fresh way.