20 oktober 2017

Köhn / Mathieu Serruys

De Koer & KRAAK present a double electronic bill celebrating a stand out glocalized legend and an upcoming talent.


The moniker of Ed Nolbed, that is another moniker for Jürgen De Blonde — for which electronic music a colorful play field is in which glitch, idm, shoe gaze, hypnagogic pop, improv, synth music, field recordings and kraut muzik are wildly jumping over each other.

His 7th album — Kreis Plön (KRAAK, 2017) — documents 20 years of vitalist and joyful research. The album mingles past and future, deconstruction and construction, mourning and joy, noise and peace.


Mathieu Serruys

Reintroduces the grand ideas of Classical Romanticism into electronic Avant-Garde. Where the latter established an aesthetics of non-art, opening the way for formal experimentation and deconstruction, Serruys uses modernism’s innovations to inject humanity and melancholy into 2017.

His debut album On Germain Dulac (B.A.A.D.M., 2014) displays an array of electronic compositions, in which the serendipity of tape machines and unreliable analogue synths rethink both the idiom of Romantic Fugues as 60’s tape collage or sound synthesis.



— prijs : 5 euro